Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/652/Press Review]

July 21 2003

15 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Under American conspiracies, Prince Abdulla the last king of Abdulaziz al-Saud sons
– President gives directives to establish Higher Council for psychiatry
– Security negotiations with Huttat extremists fail
– After occupation of Iraq, America seeks to establish military bases in Algeria and Africa
– Iraqi transitional council, the day of Baghdad fall, a national day

Editor in chief of the newspaper says in his editorial that in the press conference held by Ahmed Chalabi following the convening of the Rule Council in Iraq we saw him praising the American people and president George Bush for the ''liberation'' o Iraq. We also heard chanting slogans greeting America and Bush. From inside Baghdad agent chants are raised in praise of Bush, an example of ethical deterioration and apostate from all principles and values.
The situation has reached an extent that the Muslim prays ''long live'' for the occupier. This is the situation in the north of the Arabian Peninsula. As in its south, I mean Yemen; we are to be surprised with strange events having their perilous indications. In the city of Sa'ada national peaceful voices were raised calling in chants ''death to America eath for Israel''. The chants were sounded in Sa'ada and the Grand Mosque in Sana'a. These chants were issued in a Muslim country, its people, its president and rulers are Muslims. It is really a strange contradiction. In the north of the Arabian Peninsula chants praising America and policemen detain people who voice chants against America in a country in the south of the peninsula. We do not support violence and we are not with gagging mouths. We are in support of peace and the right to choice and expression. Whatever there would be we confirm to George Bush that he should not hope one day to find chants saying '' Long live Bush ong live America'' in our Islamic Yemen.