Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/654/Press Review]

July 28 2003

22 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Western reports on three American projects:
Establishment of a new council for the security of the Red Sea grouping Yemen, Eritrea, Egypt and Jordan and ''Israel''
– The president: Yemen to be Ethiopia's ambassador inside the Organisation of Islamic Conference and the Arab League
– Religious leaders issue a religious opinion (fatwa) prohibiting ''millions competitions'', the president gives directives to implement it
– British Guardian newspaper: Disclosure of an American secret agency instigated war on Iraq

Columnist Nouriden Mohammed Qassem says in an article every time the state tries to review its political and economic reforms it finds it inevitable to review the necessity of ending all forms of corruption, especially the phenomena of backwardness at the top of which that of carrying weapons. All that is good and e in turn agree with and support the state but we want to arouse an important question on the identity of those ho carry weapons. I personally and the ordinary citizens who I know do not carry weapons and do not think of possessing them. We do not know people carrying weapons other than the state officials and then notables, especially members of parliament who have rendered the gates of the parliament building into what resembles an arms market. Nevertheless any official in our country does not hesitate to accuse the citizen as being uncivilized and offending the country's reputation because he carries a weapon while the majority of the citizens does not carry weapons.