Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/656/Press Review]

August 4 2003

29 July 2003
Main headlines:
– 44 Directors-General for financial affairs appointed at a number of state institutions
– America warns its nationals in Yemen of terrorist attacks
– Development, modernization of Social Care Fund

Columnist Ahmed Abdraba Alawi says in his article that the United Nations is still as it was since its establishment in 1945, nothing has changed in it and the only accomplishment it could achieve was the establishment of internationally-recognised state of Israel. That has been an accomplishment resulting from weakness of the Arab countries. Though there have been many important events and circumstances in the world necessitating the effect of change in the structure of the UN but all attempts for change were doomed to failure because of insistence of the big powers to keep the situation as it is and because of the double standard policy of the UN security council and it loss of credibility before the whole world.
We have to realize that the United Nations has now become the United States itself with the name as the only difference but in practice there is no difference. What the United States want the UN would obediently do. That has really happened with the case of Iraq occupation of Kuwait or the aggression on Iraq and before it the aggression on Afghanistan. Let's all admit that credibility of Mr Kofi Anan has been lost for good especially the UN back down from doing anything versus the American crimes in certain countries of the world such as in Iraq, Afghanistan and others, let alone the crimes Israel is committing against the Palestinian people everyday. The UN has lost all criteria of international justice and its resolutions are only implemented on the states that the big powers are not satisfied with. The UN Security Council has changed into a world government working for the United States.