Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/658/Press Review]

August 11 2003

5 August 2003
Main headlines:
– New appointments of more than 38 directors general at the ministry of finance and taxes
– Ali Jarllah calls for the arrest of YSP politburo members, secretaries general of the Nasserite and Baath parties
– National seismologic monitoring center recorded 2000 treours in 2002
– Habeesh local council members demand vote of non-confidence against the secretary general and members of the administrative board
Mr Hussein al-Siyaghi says in his article at last the Americans did not find what they feared. They did not find the nuclear weapons or evidence of developing nuclear arms that has been their justification of the war on Iraq. Their intelligence bodies were not able to convince them with anything. International agencies that had searched Iraq in full also have not managed to change their ideas and plans and up till now there are voices claiming Iraq is in possession of nuclear weapons even as it is under their control. The whole world was convinced that Iraq did not possess a nuclear weapon. Iraq has been searched inch by inch and at last those inspectors searched even Saddam Hussein's possessions and clothes. Iraqi political address was not clear and was trying to suggest the existence of such weapon as it was thinking that it would be useful to avoid the launching of American war on it.
The Americans understand everything and were aware of what Iraq possessed of weapons but they did not discard that propaganda and continued their allegations hat Iraq constituted danger threatening the United States. The main target behind tat propaganda was that America wanted to eliminate Iraq and for good from the political game and subjugate it to American and western control.