Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/661/Press Review]

August 21 2003

19 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Yemen expresses reservation on activities of the FBI bureau in Sana'a
– British intelligence recruits spies through the internet
– Following a meeting with sheikh Naji al-Soufi, the president put conditions on the release of al-Zaidi sheikhs
– Libyan Mujahid Omer al-Mukhtar's wife deceased
The editor in chief says in an article in a form of a letter to the capital mayor Ahmed al-Kuhlani that all of us are aware of the beautiful touches and the efforts he exerts in this regard in addition to the services projects implemented in the capital.
All these efforts are admitted by all and felt by the ordinary citizen. Others also know the volume of war launched against these reforms by those who feel they are harmed by them. The writer adds that it is not necessary that all that is written in the press is a kind of criticism addressed to the mayor in person. Some newspapers might misuse the way of criticism in their writings or the style of communicating a certain idea or message. Moreover what the capital has seen lately because of the heavy fall of rains disclosed the presence of failure in implementation of projects and some of these projects have been implemented at times before the his assumption of his post as the mayor, which means he does not bear the direct responsibility for that. But the mayor bears the responsibility of tackling those accumulated problems and he should benefit from the mistakes in which some have fallen in order to attain the situation we all hope for.
What is important is that these problems, in great part of them, is ascribed to the weakness of supervision and monitoring of the companies that executed the projects and to the conniving of some engineers assigned with supervising them.
It is necessary then to choose engineers very carefully and there must be strict monitoring and follow -up when receiving the projects from the companies that implemented them. Necessary measures should therefore be taken against any engineer discovered to have been conniving with the implementing companies.