Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/670/Press Review]

September 22 2003

16 Sept. 2003
Man headlines:
– New appointments and transferring in taxes offices in all governorates
– Killer of Jarallah Omer sends a letter to al-Balagh newspaper on the eve of condemning hi to death
– Arab Journalists Union holds its meeting in Cairo next month
– Teachers union elects its chairman
– Public works undersecretary says the ministry to begin implementation of construction law in this month
The newspaper editor in chief says in his article when an attack is carried out against any official of the state at any level and the cause is motivated by the post he is occupying then the attack is directed to the state itself and its institutions and prestige. The latest example is the attack on director of the Jumhouri hospital in Sana'a. Therefore the tarrying of the concerned bodies in punishing perpetrators of such a crime is a black spot against these bodies. But when the attack is against a citizen in the street or in his house it is then more dangerous because it is a challenge of one of the reasons why the state is existent, which is providing security for the people. It is therefore the state authorities should move quickly in such cases. In our third world there is another kind of aggression and that is when the citizen comes under the attack at the hands of an army or police officer for merely personal reasons. This constitutes a strange contradiction. In this case the state bodies are changes from protecting the citizen to attacking him. Here the security man is converted to a terrorist and the army officer is changed into a criminal in the eyes of the citizen. This is a main reason for the spread of wrong ideas and the citizens could be exploited to be recruited by certain sides for implementing criminal and terrorist acts. All those forms need the prestige of the state and prestige of the order and law and its application on the citizen and the official and armed forces members equally.