Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/673/Press Review]

October 2 2003

23 Sept. 2003
Main headlines:
– Al-Balagh receives a message from al-Qaeda organisation
– Those involved in corruption issues transfer their assets and properties to their sons and families
– Qadhi Hamoud al-Hattar: Elements outside prisons put innegotiable conditions for dialogue
– Justice Minister: We seek development of judicial system and diagnose its reality in the governorates
– Social study: 75% of deviants in the society descend from poor and socially broken families
Columnist Ahmed Abdrabe says within the efforts for developing the mechanism of work in the state whether services or productive or even administrative is that related to the human element on whose shoulder everything lies. It is recommended that the cabinet should circulate directives calling on the state institutions to give priority and precedence to employing the elements that are technically qualified and graduates of centres and institutes of technical education and training of the education ministry. Such a measure is in harmony with implementation of the state plans in the field of developing technical education and training that would provide ministries institutions and government companies with such qualified elements and also the labour market. Such a measure comes at a time we are in dire need of it and would be reflected on performance of institutions in the first place. It would also b a first step forward to activate effectiveness of professional and technical education and training. And in order to achieve this goal the concerned parties are requested to drawing up bases and conditions for the implementation of this aim and controlling the process of employment in the manner providing opportunity for thousands of graduates from vocational and technical institutes and centres.