Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/680/Press Review]

October 27 2003

21 Oct.2003
Min headlines:
– A Christian organisation offends Islam
– PM: There are scandals and corruption in the judiciary
– Minister of Planning and international cooperation: Up till now population figures and statistics are not real, census did not provide real information
– In a statement: Teachers Union demands the punishment of the one who attacked al-Hamza school headmaster
The editor in chief of the newspaper says in his article this week that laws, regulations, government establishments, ministries, police stations and all state apparatus are found for the purpose of serving the citizen, offering services and programs to facilitate life of the citizen and provide life requirements for him. He says this is the image supposed to be in the relationship between the state and the citizen but is this actually the image we find on the ground?
The author says he does not think hat many officials understand this relationship. They oppositely make it reversed. Thus the citizen becomes in service of the government institutions and ministries, police stations and all members of the state institutions; civil and military and security.
Officials usually deal with the citizen in haughtiness whether in the street or inside corridors of government institutions. They talk to the citizen in an arrogant way and keep a distance between them as they are carrying very dangerous diseases. When a citizen commits any petit misdemeanor police would drag him from his neck as if he is a criminal of the firs degree and beat him severely. The citizens are treated as if they are accused, but is it credible that all the people are accused and very few of officials or officers have the right to offend an entire people?