Al-Balagh [Archives:2003/684/Press Review]

November 9 2003

4 Nov.2003
Main headlines:
– Yemen receives offers from Arab and foreign companies for administration and operation of container port and industrial zone in Aden
– Engineering college students in Ibb stage sit-in in protest to decision by college deanship
– Appeals court of the secretariat refuses return of citizens' consignments under pretext of being stolen
– Political parties demand endowments ministry to bear its responsibility towards mosques
On the Zionist crimes perpetrated by the Zionist occupation state against the Palestinian people Hisham al-Awadhi says in his article that the Zionist entity has stepped further for consolidating the fait accompli policy in the Palestinian land, empowered for that by the limitless American support. No more than one day passed on the destruction of the residential tower buildings of that displaced hundreds of Palestinian families than an official at the Zionist ministry of war announcement of giving five settlements the status of permanencebuilt randomly on the West Bank. These settlements will be a cause for drawing financing from the United States of America in favour of the Zionist extremists who are used as a means for seizing the Palestinian lands and changing them into Jewish properties.
Thus the U.S., which alleges to be sponsor of the peace process and committed to establishment of the Palestinian state, becomes accomplice in all the crimes the Zionists commit against the Palestinian people and the region in general.