Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/699/Press Review]

January 1 2004

23 Dec.2003
Main headlines:
– Sudden hike in foodstuffs prices
– Following an attempt to seize the institute's land, General Manager of Arts Institute in Aden tenders his resignation

The newspaper editor in chief says in his article that for many times the citizens returning from Syria are treated badly by Damascus airport officials under pretext that they carry some spare parts or alike. He says the Syrians have the right to have their law and measures concerning exports and Syrian goods but we believe that those laws are meant for commercial quantities of goods for trading purposes rather than passengers carrying goods for their personal uses. It is known that Syria is an industrial country and many Yemenis go to Syria to buy such goods and this is a gain for all of us as a nation that should work to encourage trade exchange.
The matter is that some people need some spare parts for goods imported from Syria but when they go there and buy them they get surprised by Damascus airport officials preventing them from taking them out of Damascus and make the Yemeni citizens feel as if they have committed a crime.
We think such negative measures do not serve the brothers in Syria and could mean that the Yemenis would avoid buying industrial equipment from Syria. We hope that such measures concerning non-commercial spare parts would be easier so that such complaints would not be repeated and both countries' trading movement to witness more development.