Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/700/Press Review]

January 5 2004

30 Dec. 2003.
Main headlines
– American magazine Newsweek ridicules the prophet and the Islamic history and discloses the real aims of invading Iraq
– President Saleh calls on all presidents, kings and emirs to hold dialogue with their peoples instead of the use of force
– One of Khawlan al-Tayal tribes voluntarily abandons vengeance after the killing of 20 of its sons
– President of Sana'a University says the University has taken strict measures against those instigating riot

Mr Saed Awadh Baiesa writes an article on the phenomenon of beggary describing it as one of the social phenomena that requires serious consideration and full study, especially as it has become a profession added to the present ones in the society. It has become widespread in all governorates of the country and using different arts and techniques for attracting mercy of the people. The astonishing thing is that it has been found that some of the beggars possess luxurious cars and houses and eat at tables full of the best food because they have changed this phenomenon into a profession for rapid material gains without exerting any effort.
The concerned parties in our country as the ministry of social affairs and labour can follow suit of some Arab and world countries that managed to solve this problem and put an end to this bad phenomenon. They have to try to exchange expertise and visits to end it with the support of international and non-governmental organisations inside and outside the country and this could be achieved by building houses for those in need for special care especially there are children among them. They can be rehabilitated and incorporated into the society.