Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/702/Press Review]

January 12 2004

6 Jan 2004
Main headlines:
– Students returned from Iraq complain of not being accepted at the college of trade in Sana'a
– Proctle & Gamble company dumps poisonous chemical materials in Kaheda district
– Grand sheikh Abduwahab Sinan of Arhab exposed to attempted assassination
– Mahweet governor sends an embezzlement case of YR 11 billion to prosecution
– Peddlers in Hajja demonstrate
– American embassy in Sana'a supports the governorates of Shabwa and Jawf with $ 3.5 million
– Workshop on activating role of higher institutes concluded
– American embassy warns its nationals against visiting Mareb
– Two girls kidnapped in Taiz
The newspaper editor in chief has written an article saying the economic relations remain the foundation of political strong relations among countries. Therefore building an economic relation with any country means it is a strong and lasting one and above the level of any political problems.
As we know our country has good political relation with the state of Qatar and under this strong relation the exchange of trade has witnessed lately a good development, especially in materials used in plastic industries. The Qabco Company managed to occupy the first place in the Yemeni market after it succeeded in removing Saudi and Kuwaiti similar companies that were present in the Yemeni market.
The Qatari company however and regretfully is seeking to stop its dealing with the Yemeni market for reasons not have been known yet. The company began to raise prices of the raw materials during the last months by 50% percent. When trying to detect the causes the newspaper found out that the Qatari company Qabco wants to stop its dealing with the Yemeni market and therefore resorts to this measure to force the Yemeni consumer turn to another source.
The editor in chief concludes his article by asking the Qatari ambassador to Yemen to take this remark seriously and to try to find out about the causes and to play a role for guaranteeing continuation of trade exchange between the two countries.