Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/704/Press Review]

January 19 2004

13 Jan 2004
Main headlines:
– Teachers union asks the government not to interfere in unions affairs
– Election of a new chairman for the handicapped society in Dhalie failed
– Honouring ceremony for the ten top graduates from secondary school stage, scientific branch
– President Saleh says democracy is the age option of all peoples and a lifeboat for third world regimes
The political editor of the newspaper says the delay of the American announcement officially of her taking part in the democracy conference in Sana'a has aroused a large-scale discussion inside the political circles and representatives of participating international organisations. A number of participants explained that of the American announcement reflects the White House fear from that the conference is essentially targeted against the American expansionist policy geographically or the destruction of international legitimacy. And that it comes from its no longer caring for international laws and charters, behaving in unilateral pole manner without consulting the international community. This makes some to say that the United States see in this conference as a European attempt to disclose its policy. Some others on the other hand see that the American official presence would make it obliged to whatever issued by the conference of recommendations and decisions devoted for returning the American policy to the international fold and driving pillars of international legitimacy.