Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/712/Press Review]

February 16 2004

10 February 2004
Main headlines
– Israeli education curricula brainwash the young and mobilize them to hate the Arabs
– PM Bajammal in an interview to Egyptian Al-Musawar magazine:
– We cannot say we managed to destroy terror completely
– Justice Minister: Dispute between Sana'a teaching staff and Sheikh al-Ruaishan, has been settled

The political editor of the newspaper says the American Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld has admitted that the war of aggression his country waged against Iraq has stabbed the United Stares image and how the world looks at it.
Confessions of the American defence secretary he had stated before participants in the international conference for security held in Germany do not represent all the bitter fact the Americans are gulping since their feet sunk in the Iraqi quagmire. The Americans are now certain that the Bush administration got entangled and with it the American people with all their destinies and it has sacrificed their security and stability. It is no longer hidden that he American entanglement lies in Bush's administration that made Iraq a field for settling international accounts the bigger loser in them are the American army and economy because the mistaken calculations of Bush and his administration have provided the chance for those states having revenges against America's policies to benefit from the chaos of the war in Iraq to finance and prepare military operations against the American army at the hands of elements of Iraq resistance and others that are leading a confrontation war against America. This situation the American politicians in the White House cannot hide. The regimes in the region have found in this situation an opportunity to catch their breath from extremist groups.
Now after the Bush's administration has provided an area for confrontation in Iraq it is normal that the operations change from targeting the interests of America to direct confrontation and a war of attrition that would last as long as the forced stay of the American troops goes on in Iraq. In Iraq Bush is paying the price of his political recklessness and inside the United States the Americans are searching for a convincing answer to the advantage of what they are in now of economic and security deterioration at al levels, though the beginning was the scandal of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.