Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/716/Press Review]

March 1 2004

24 February 2004
Main headlines
– In his interview with Al-Arabia TV channel, president Saleh: Prince Abdulla was understanding and as I perceived he was not well aware of the construction of the barrier
– Zionist tourist company embroidered bedding of the biggest hotels of Iraq with the six-pronged star
– Academics and lawyers criticize the sales tax law
The political editor of the newspaper says in an article the visit of the president to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has helped to defuse the crisis that was to destabilize security and stability in the region. The president's talks in the Saudi kingdom was not confined to agree on what has been done on borders but extended to the establishment of a bilateral action according to certain mechanisms adopted by concerned authorities in both countries, especially those entrusted with the question of managing the border areas in a manner making them bridges for communication and for protecting security and stability of the neighbouring countries.
As the security premonition forms a joint concern for both sides and due to the geographic and logistic reality in the region, neither of the two sides is able to undertake the question of securing the borders individually particularly that the realistic facts confirm that both countries represent a strategic depth for each other.
The statement issued at the end of the meeting of Riyadh has reflected clearly that the two countries leaderships have comprehended all those facts to establish for a joint action that would make the borders points for communication rather than separation between the two peoples.