Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/726/Press Review]

April 5 2004

30 Mar 2004
Main headlines
– Tunisia decides postponement of the Arab summit
– Amr Mousa warns against dangerous consequences of postponing the summit, denies his resignation
– Tunisia drives a nail for undermining the next summit after postponing its convention
– Justice Minister says it is expected to begin work in two judiciary complexes
– Threat messages to officials in Mahweet
– In Taiz an “anti-violence against woman” training course
– Parties of the JMP hold Arab regimes responsible for assassinating Sheikh Ahmed Yassin
– Journalists Syndicate calls on Arab leaders to boycott the Zionist entity.
The newspaper's editor in chief says the Tunisian president decided to postpone the Arab summit individually and without consulting the member states and when the Arab League secretary general wanted to meet him after the decision to know the causes the Tunisian president apologized by claiming to have cold. It is a strange thing that the fate of a 300-million nation to be unheeded.
The Tunisian official statement indicated to the causes of postponement as because the variance in ideas and for not accepting the Tunisian ideas concerning organizations of civil society, human rights and woman freedom and democracy. Tunisia is the country where human rights are daily violated and the woman is fought in her freedom if wanted to put on the veil. The woman freedom in Tunisia means adorning herself and nakedness but if she wanted by her own to wear hijab it would be prohibited. Human rights in Tunisia are fully violated and it has a well-known record and the case is the same for democracy. Tunisia wanted to send a message to the United States that it is ready to be the first to call for implementing the American proposals calling for “Great Middle East” and ready to thwart the summit and would focus on passing on the American demands.