Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/736/Press Review]

May 10 2004

4 May 2004
Main headlines
– Eritrean satellite channel received in Mahweet but not our 1st TV. Channel
– Warning against a chemical substance used in shops selling fruit juices
– American and Britons killed in an armed attack in the Saudi city of Yanbou
– While the supervisor of writing the Iraqi constitution is a Jew,
– Eight Jews supervise eight ministries in Iraq
– On the May Day, workers and employees of Amran cement factory stage labour strike and demonstrate in the city
– Queen Arwa University holds its seventh cultural week
Editor in chief of the newspaper says in his article the United States of America alleges it is fighting terrorism and that it is “peace advocate” and moreover claims that its occupation of Iraq was for spreading peace and ending a terrorist regime. The U.S. has actually managed to remove the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq but the question is has it managed to destroy terror or establish peace in Iraq?
Iraq has changed into a volcano crater destroying Americans and Iraqis. Some Iraqis were being killed by the former Iraqi regime and now they are killed at the hands of the American occupation forces. Here the resistance has emerged to fight the Americans but the great difference is that the Iraqis killed in the resistance are dying for the liberation of their country from occupation and in defence of their country and honour while the American killed at the hands of resistance does not bear any cause nor defending anything but the arrogance of America.
The American policy has led to sow terror seeds in the entire world and instead of destroying terror it is helping for its spread.