Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/739/Press Review]

May 20 2004

11 May 2004
The editor in chief of the newspaper says in his article we are not surprised or astonished about those flagrant violations that have been practiced against our brethren the Iraqi prisoners at the hands of soldiers of the United States of America. We also do not fell surprised about the report referred to the American secretary of defence about those practices more than four months before the disclosure of the scandal. It is not a surprise because we know fully hat an administration that launched a war on Iraq without justifications is a one practicing crime in all of its forms. An administration that supports all shapes of terror practiced by the Israelis against the Palestinians is a terrorist administration that is surviving on a terrorist basis using all sorts of crime.
Disclosure of those crimes and practices is dropping he mask of this administration perhaps those among us who claim that America as an example to follow suit in order to go back to reason and to realize that the safety boat would only be in clinging to what would bring good in life and afterlife.
No doubt the American administration after the scandal would turn to exercise pressures on the Arab regimes to practice more pressure on their peoples but we would like to call the attention that the right path to face the American pressures would be via reconciliation with the peoples and not by practicing more pressures on the peoples. The Iraqi regime fell as a result of non-reconciliation with the people of Iraq who stood as spectator watching the drama of the American attack till Iraq fell and then the resistance began after the people realized the actual fall of the regime.
Here we want to warn the Arab rulers and regimes to the importance of inter-relationship with the peoples and to find a mechanism of dealing with he peoples and to reject all sorts of violence and torture practiced against the peoples, whether they are inside public prisons or private jails.