Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/741/Press Review]

May 27 2004

18 May 2004
Main headlines
– A judge orders locking a lawyer behind bars of the court jail
– Al-Balagh correspondent in Mahweet exposed to attempted assassination by director of culture office there
– Reemah governor calls on its sons to return to it and take part in building their governorate

Columnist Nouriddin Mohammed Qassem says in his article a few days ago we have recalled the catastrophe of usurping the Palestinian land by the Zionists. That 56-year-old catastrophe made us along this period blaming our luck like the bereaved people without being able to come out with a correct vision on the way of that carried us to that biter result.
The disaster of Palestine has remained just deliberations repeated by Arab leaders, political theoreticians, leaders of opinion and centers of research and studies with the same mentality that lived the bitterness of the catastrophe without effecting any development in the approach of thinking whereas the wheel of events in the Arab region kept speeding up and did not wait for the Arab mentality.
Our detailed study of the disaster has prolonged its period and made it as a historical topic carrying doubt and truth regarding its preliminary information and as usual we have reached a conclusion.