Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/743/Press Review]

June 3 2004

25 May 2004
Main headlines
– Parliamentarians demand setting a mechanism to prevent using parliament for personal commercial interests
– Seven persons injured in a bomb explosion at Anqad market in the capital secretariat
– Information center at the Republican Hospital in Sana'a organizes a symposium the importance and role of media in health area.
– UNICEF director n Ireland says: Early marriages a bigger hindrance facing girls in Yemen
– YJS statement condemns imprisonment of al-Shara'bi and ignores attempted assassination against “Al-Balagh” newspaper correspondent
– YJS calls for a meeting of newspapers editors in chief to discuss journalistic and professional situations
Columnist Hamdi Doubalah says in an article the Yemeni unity would remain the sole shining candle in the Arab dark space engulfed with differences and conflicts. Surely the Yemeni unity has since 22 may 1990 achieved many accomplishments but those accomplishments are still in need of enhancement and rectification especially in economic areas and the standard of the people living. This goal would need following clear and effective policies along with presence of good wills for development and improvement.