Al-Balagh [Archives:2004/753/Press Review]

July 8 2004

29 June 2004
Main headlines
– The conspiracy that wanted to split the national rank and to disperse the people from behind the president
– Confrontations resume between government troops and Hussein al-Hauthy
– Hamas denounces Arafat statements on Judaism of the Zionist entity
– Seizure and imposing fines on two fishing ships offshore coastal area of Musaina'a to the east of Mukalla
– In Taiz, a center for fighting poverty and curbing unemployment
– Central Bank report: Rise in foreign reserves during the first half of this year to $288 million
– Hood organisation appeals to the security forces to stop military operations
– Unidentified goods invade Taiz market

The newspaper's editor in chief says the regrettable events in Sa'da governorate are very painful. None has expected that there would be confrontations between Yemenis, whether from the armed forces and security or the sons of the tribes of Sa'da. They are regrettable incidents they should not have happened had reason and wisdom been used by both sides. But there seems to be some parties wanted to lead the events to what they are now of confrontations and Muslim Yemenis, all of them are our sons and brothers.
The writer maintained his article saying it is now demanded to resort to reason and wisdom. Wisdom is demanded to stop bloodshed and heal the wounds.