Al-Balagh [Archives:2005/817/Press Review]

February 18 2005

8 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– large-scale arrests against tens of people despite of not celebrating al-Ghadeer Day

– Head of the political office of the Islah: We have contacts with the American embassy and the democratic institute

– Hood demands head of the political security to release detainees taken outside the law

– Endowments ministry undersecretary: 4000 religious schools are not under official supervision and the Islah society and al-Haramain establishment supervise most of them

Columnist Hamdi Doubalah says I am almost sure that in our planet there are no children as miserable as those in our country are. Those children, almost the majority of them could hardly find 1% of what their counterparts in the world of playing and innocent entertainment or the means of entertainment. Worse than that, they are forced into the whirlwind of life and its burdens while they are still too young.

Recently a dangerous issue has come to the surface and it is not familiar in our society with regard to the children. Media instruments have strongly aroused the phenomenon of child smuggling to neighbouring countries and exploitation of people misery and their poverty in order to subject them to the fiercest types of exploitation by trading with their children to practice indecent practices at the hands of human beasts. The issue is submitted before the government to work hard and immediately against this phenomenon and to take the necessary measures and treatments to curb this phenomenon and end it completely.