Al-Balagh [Archives:2005/856/Press Review]

July 4 2005


– Commerce chambers and civil societies form a coordination council against the sales tax law

– Doctors syndicate: will not put an end to the strike unless our demands are met

– The parliament: banning weapons in the capital, and demanding al-Makha port to remain civil and not military port


– Political security authority: between the right and wrong:

The newspaper publishes the internal charter of the political security

– Human Rights report review:

The review went through the report briefly and discussed the various issues that came in it such as the complaints and reports to the Ministry on violations in human rights that reached 1,232 between 2002 and 2004. It talked about status in Yemeni prisons, the civil societies, abduction of political opposition.

The report also discusses the issues relating to the jurisdiction system and the corruption in it.

While there is great improvement in freedom of speech commanded by the report it still explained that many cases against media were reported and this was a set back. Socially the report talked about homes for social care and the issue of street children and child trafficking. There was a section on refugees and eventually a narration of what the Ministry has accomplished so far.


Violent opposition and rude official media

Isam alnahari wrote an opinion titled the violent opposition and rude official media. He talked about the deterioration of Yemeni media and how it has lost its dignity through lashing of verbal wars among each other between the official media and the opposition and sometimes among the oppositions themselves.

He reminds us that the purpose of media is to inform and educate and that they should have some ethics and a code of conduct that must not be breached for anything. Especially because they represent the image of the Yemeni intellectuals and civilisation.

Women's rights and the advancing danger:

Abu akram alwashali attacks the proposition of women in leadership positions and says that they are crossing red lines and that if nothing is being done to stop this phenomenon ruin will take place.