Al-Balagh [Archives:2005/862/Press Review]

July 25 2005

July 19, 2005
Main Headlines:

– The president is the First Democratic Man and an Exceptional Case amid Arab Rulers.

– The Two Clergies Moham'd Al-Munssor and Humoud Al-Mouay'ad are Brighter Beacons.

– 10 Women Killed and 200 Sustained Burns in a Fire Caught up a Wed dying Hall

– The Clerics of Sada Express Surprise over Putting an old Man in Custody

Al-Balgh's editor wrote the two clergy men Mohammed Al-Munssor and Humoud Al-Mouay'ad are very famous for their piousness and purity and so on of believers morals It is too regretful that some writers tried to smear their fames and good reputation.

No surprise if the two Sheikhs subjected to such malpractices since the Prophet Mohammed himself, peace be upon him suffered the same problems.