Al-Balagh [Archives:2005/904/Press Review]

December 19 2005

13 Dec.2005.

Main headlines

– GPC Assistant Secretary-General: The people coined the he constitution, the JMP draft of reforms just a bid

– Constitutional and legal violations in trial of Dailami and Muftah

– Journalists Syndicate calls for providing better circumstances for the journalists

Editor in chief of Al-Balagh newspaper discusses what would the GPC general conference come out with of decisions and recommendations. He says eyes are turned towards the GPC conference waiting for what it would take of decisions, and confirms that the decisions would be the main determinant of the political, economic and social life in the upcoming stage.

The writer says there are tangible political congestions, normal difference between partners of the political action, namely the ruling party and opposition parties. There is an economic congestion represented by poverty and unemployment and there is a social congestion resulting from calls for divisions.

All hope that the conference would act according to its responsibility and its agenda to be clear and frank away from hypocrisy and hypocrites