Al-Balagh [Archives:2006/908/Press Review]

January 2 2006

27 Dec.2005
Main headlines

– Prisoners in Saada disclose what they were exposed to inside the central prison

– The president promises to reconsider the verdicts against Al-Dailami and Muftah

– Confrontations continued with army tanks, Army troops continue attacking the Al-Rahba-Al Salem area in Saada

– World Bank director in Sana'a: The Yemeni people have increase their cry to gain their rights

– Hudeidah teachers stage sit-in in protest to not receiving their salaries for November

The newspaper editor in chief writes an article saying last week the attack was renewed on Mran Mountains where followers of the scholar Badrudin Al-Houthi settle and bloodbath has begun anew, as if the two-year old bloodshed is with no value.

It was expected that the events were to stop after the end of the first confrontations in the mountains of Mran in Saada governorate. It was out of wisdom for the evens to stop there and then. Nevertheless, what happened was something different. The prisons are still crowded with Al-Houthi followers, and the father of Hussein Al-Houthi, who was living in Sana'a, has, because of politics, become a runaway in the mountains. Supporters of the Al-Houthi the son have become followers of the father. Continuation of these events would inflame fire and we have begun to hear about persons go to the mountains in defense of the scholar Al-Houthi.

It is incorrect that blood is shed for an opinion, whatever it is and there should not be fighting against Al-Houthi and his followers just because they adopt ideas different from ours. Killing should not continue for two years whatever the reasons are. Time has now come to have this war machine stopped and peace to prevail the governorate of Saada. Let the people of this governorate enjoy stability and advocate of any opinion has the right to security and stability. It is no permissible in the 21st century that lives are taken out and blood is shed just because of ideas.