Al-Balagh [Archives:2006/960/Press Review]

July 3 2006

27 Jun 2006
Main headlines

– Opposition parliamentarians: No Hope for the JMP in the upcoming elections

– Chairman of the Higher Council of the alliance of the tribes of Marib, Jawf, Shabwa, and Saada: The tribe above partisanship, our alliance aims to make the state listen to the tribe voice

– Armed clashes renew in Al-Hadda

– Whooping cough disease spread in four villages in Bait al-Faqieh

– Government forces launch intensive attack on Jumaa Bin Fadhil area in Saada

– Prisoners of the military prison in Hudeidah demand the parliament the formation of a committee to investigate into violations and crimes perpetrated against them

The newspaper editor in chief discusses in an article acceptance of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to nominate himself for the Yemeni presidential elections. He says maybe the opposition would say that the action has been a kind of a drama or other such descriptions but the fact is that millions of the people have gone to the streets to tell the president to be their candidate to the presidency. The writer says the masses of the people have done that voluntarily and that their action portrays the Yemenis nature that is ready to bear difficulties and hunger and poverty for participating in what they think is correct.

The truth of what happened is a spectacular image of democracy that means diversity and difference at a time the opposition says it is not with nomination of Ali Abdullah Saleh. It is also at a time other some declares in writings that they do not want president Saleh. There are on the other hand the masses who took to the streets to support Saleh's nomination. This is indeed the democratic school the president talked about in his speech and this is the freedom of opinion and expression and the freedom of choice, the writer says.

Now the ball is in the court of the opposition that is in need to take its decision to declare its candidate to the presidential elections. The opposition has signed the agreement of principles with the General People's Congress and competition is required in the democratic process and the existence of more than one candidate is a required matter. Above all the tendency towards stabilization of democracy pillars is the basic thing, looking towards the future and fighting corruption is the hope and the demand.

The writer concludes his article by hoping to hear from the opposition what would help build the democratic process and to play the ball in its court in the correct way.