Al-Balagh [Archives:2006/964/Press Review]

July 17 2006

11 Jul 2006.
Main headlines

– Attack on the hose of head of Islah party branch at the constituency 37

– Yemeni journalists demand the Syndicate's extraordinary conference to study all issues concerning the journalists

– A Chinese company establishes a free of charge training center for the ministry of higher education

– After clashes, using bombs, a gang for stealing telephone cables in Thamar arrested

– A mother appeals for saving her son from execution

– Tens of lawyers and teachers in Ibb and Saada governorates appeal to the president for the release of Judge Luqman

Editor in chief of the newspaper's article mentions that the meeting of the parliament and the shoura council began to study applications of candidates to presidential elections. The election programs are still not clear but now the image is complete. The General People's Congress selected Ali Abdullah Saleh as its candidate and the JMP leadership nominated independent Faisal Bin Shamlan and the National Opposition Council elected Yassin Abdeh Saeed. The question is would the JMP be sincere in the selection of Shamlan or would they receive through the back door their own interests? As for the masses no one knows how much their conviction is to give their votes to Shamlan.

The period of seven years is the arbiter through which what Yemen wants. It is either the building of institutions and consolidation of democracy and peaceful transfer of power or chaos and loss. The coming period would establish for tens of years and draw up the broad lines for Yemen's future. It would define the historical position that Yemen would occupy in the present century at both the Arabian Peninsula and the Arab world.

We want parties of the JMP and the GPC to look beyond the presidential elections and to draw up the integrated programs to build Yemen first and above all.