Al-Balagh [Archives:2006/968/Press Review]

August 31 2006

25 Jul 2006.
Main headlines

– YSP nominated al-Majeedi, Islah nominated Al-Azab and Bin Shamlan victim of the JMP

– Signs of dissention inside the current of reforming the unity course

– Hezbollah blows are lessons in the balance of horror

– Saudi offers $50 million to support Lebanon and offers $three billion to give the Israeli enemy space of time to hit Lebanon

– The Salafis call for prohibiting the support for Hezbollah and praying for it

– Opening scrambled channels to avert attention of Arab Street from what is going on in Lebanon and Palestine

The newspaper editor in chief writes the United States offers the Israeli enemy full political support as well as the military by sending, laser-directed projectiles, announcing that publicly and says it will back up Israel until it destroys Hezbollah for good. Hezbollah is the party that resists occupation and refuses to recognize the Israeli enemy that occupies Palestine and Jerusalem and the Lebanese Shabaa region. The American stand is understandable because it comes within the crusade war against Islam, though this American stand increases enmity of the Arabs and Muslims to the American administration and it represents a fertile soil for terrorist seeds that would undoubtedly grow because of this American stand concerning Lebanon.

As for the other stand adopted by rulers of some Arab regimes in allying with the America to destroy Hezbollah, it is a stand that will cause great harm to those regimes because the Arab street is boiling with anger. Instead of adopting stands expressive of their peoples, those regimes have taken stands against the will of their peoples and supporting the aggression and the Israeli enemy.