Al-Balagh [Archives:2007/1032/Press Review]

March 12 2007

March 6
Main Headlines

– Sa'ada locals warned to evacuate their homes, the city houses those who flee the fighting

– MPs claim Parliament to summon Interior Minister and Ibb governor to be questioned over the case of Ra'ash residents

– Publications distributed in Taiz and Sana'a describing Shiites as disbelievers

– Pressmen claim free climate and dignity for journalism

– Doctors stage sit-in at cabinet

– Relatives appeal to President Saleh to intervene in releasing fishermen detained by Saudi authorities

The newspaper reported that relatives of more than 200 fishermen from Hodeida governorate, who are detained by Saudi authorities, appealed to President Ali Abdullah Saleh to intervene in releasing the detainees.

The Saudi marine authorities have been detaining the Yemeni fishermen along with their boat for more than ten days after they unintentionally entered in the Saudi regional waters for fishing. The fishermen's relatives told the newspaper's reporter that the detainees have no other people to sustain their families.