Al-Balagh [Archives:2007/1034/Press Review]

March 19 2007

March 13
Main Headlines

– Yemeni Socialist Party lashes out at Al-Zindani, accuses him of launching the voice of hostility

– Civil Service Ministry condemns its office in Al-Jawf

– Islah Party members clash with Salafis in Taiz

– Sana'a University teaching staff warns of bad consequences if their demands remain unmet

– Authorities confirm that 160 Al-Houthi followers were killed, Shara'ab buries corpses of 10 soldiers, who were killed in Sa'ada clashes

– Sa'ada threatened of human catastrophe

– Three ladies rob exchange company agent

The weekly reported that three ladies robbed an exchange company agent 6,000 Euro in the capital city. It quoted well-informed sources as saying that two Yemeni ladies with Islamic hijabs asked the exchange worker Abdulkarim, who works for a Western Union Office, to sell them Euros for dollars.

After calculating the sum of Euros needed by the ladies, Abdulkarim put 6,000 Euros (Equivalent to YR 1.5 million) on his desk, and turned on his office to bring the remaining money, but the ladies stole the sum away and get on a car, which was waiting, with a third lady behind the wheel, for them. The car drove away while the victim turned to the nearby police station to inform it of the incident.