Al-Balagh [Archives:2007/1036/Press Review]

March 26 2007

March 20
Main Headlines

– Political party affairs committee approves dissolving Al-Haq Party

– General People Congress (GPC) and Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) discuss Al-Haq Party dissolution

– Editions of the New Testament distributed in Taiz City

– 5 Hodeida locals drown in Red Sea

– Manager of Al-Dhale' Water Office accused of embezzling public money

– Dhamar detainees appeal to President to free them

– Ruling party denounces a symposium entitled “Together against the war”, accuses participants of backing terrorism

According to the independent weekly, a ruling party official source strongly denounced the symposium held under the slogan “Role of Civil Community Organizations in Ending Sa'ada War”. The source noted that the symposium was supposed to discuss the role of civil community organizations in establishing and maintaining the rule of law and order. He added that these organizations shouldn't defend the terrorist elements who kill and intimidate citizens, attack military and security soldiers, loot public and private property and exercise highway activities.

The source expressed curiosity about the symposium where JMP members only were given a chance to speak in a way backing terrorists and the acts of vandalism in the northern governorate of Sa'ada. He confirmed that history will have no mercy on those who attempt to harm the nation by their support for terrorists and the acts of terrorism.