Al-Balagh [Archives:2007/1038/Press Review]

April 2 2007

Tuesday, March 27
Main Headlines

– 30 Al-Houthi loyalists surrender, other prominent tribal leader injured

– Tens of thousands of Yemenis flee to Saudi Arabia

– Women leaders form committee to defend their issues

– MP concerned about the situation of Marib hospitals and health units

– Al-Mahweet education workers demand authorities to give them salaries on due time

– Three foreigner students killed while attempting to assault Al-Houthi followers

– MPs lash out at Interior Minister over poor press standards

The paper reported that many prominent MPs including Abdulaziz Jubari, Aidarous Al-Naqib, Ahmad Saif Hashed and Abdulmu'z Dabwan vented their anger at Interior Minister Rashad Al-Alimi over the deteriorating situations and standards of Yemeni press. The MPs said that Yemeni journalists nationwide have been subjected to assaults, harassments and assaults by the security authorities.

Al-Aidarous cited the violations committed against the former Secretary-General of Yemeni Journalists Syndicate Hafez Al-Bukari at the Sana'a International Airport as he was returning home from abroad. He added that Al-Bukari was held for hours and his luggage and belongings were confiscated as the airport security officers accused him of being a traitor with the U.S.

The MPs citied other more harassments and forms of abuses that have been practiced against Yemeni journalists and blamed the Interior Minister for not providing adequate protection to journalists like other democratic countries. Al-Alimi denied that he learned about any violations or assaults by the security authorities against pressmen.