Al-Balagh [Archives:2007/1040/Press Review]

April 9 2007

Tuesday, April 3
Main Headlines

– Saleh to former PM: National interest necessitates your being free to be engaged in party dialogue

– Bajammal referred to pension, government mechanism won't enable the new PM to perform his duty well

– Education workers accuse Al-Beidha Education Office Manager of fuelling seditions and conflicts

– Authorities release 27 people who were detained on charge of links with Al-Houthi

– Aden-Abyan Islamic Army Leader threatens to assault Yemen Gas Company unless the authorities try the French citizen who insulted the Qura'an

– Authorities arrest forger of official stamps in Hodeida

In cooperation with policemen in Hodeida governorate, the authorities arrested last week one of the suspects accused of forging more than 20 official stamps of ministries, government universities and other institutions, the independent weekly said. It added that the dangerous forger was arrested after the Civil Service Office in the governorate discovered that two forged university certificates, the holders of which applied for jobs. Holders of the forged certificates were referred to the public prosecution and after being investigated, they told the prosecution about the address of the person, who gave them these forged certificates in exchange for money.

The newspaper quoted judicial sources as saying that public prosecution, backed by policemen, raided the forger's house in Zabid district, some 100 km south of Hodeida city. Capturing the suspect, the police found more than 20 forged stamps of official parties in his home.