Al-Balagh [Archives:2007/1058/Press Review]

June 11 2007

Tuesday, June 5
Main Headlines

– Protesting block of news websites, tens of journalists stage sit-in in front of cabinet

– Higher Council of Joint Meeting Parties: Regime and ruling party expose nation, stability and security to risk

– Education workers enraged over delay of hardship allowances

– Salafi sheikhs call for people nationwide to confront Shia and Sofia movements

– Parliament insists on questioning government over Sa'ada fighting

– Al-Nass Chief Editor and Managing Editor resigns for unclear reasons

– Parliamentary report criticizes poor health standards in Aden governorate

– United States confirms its military support to Yemen

Deputy Assistant US Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, who is currently visiting Yemen, stated that the U.S. President George W Bush reaffirmed his commitment to support Yemen in all the economic and military areas, the weekly reported on its front page. It added that the American official praised the strong Yemeni-American ties. Received by the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the US official stressed that his government cares for consolidating its ties with Yemen.

The American official highlighted the positive results, which President Saleh reached during his most recent visit to Washington, as well as the discussions he held with his U.S. counterpart and other senior government officials in the White House. The US State Department official discussed with Saleh the areas of cooperation and various topics of mutual interest for both states. Also, they discussed several developments in the region, particularly the situations in Iraq, Lebanon and Somalia, plus the Iranian Nuclear dossier.