Al-Balagh [Archives:2007/1076/Press Review]

August 13 2007

Tuesday, August 7
Main Headlines

– Al-Sahwa Press Establishment launches mobile news service

– Yemeni journalists nationwide condemns assaults on Share's paper editors

– Member of Parliament urges President to intervene in resolving Taiz water shortage

– Parliament criticizes government for neglecting Aden International Airport and Mukha port

– French Ambassador to Al-Balagh: governments worldwide are unable to eradicate terrorism

– Women Journalists Without Chains reveal blacklisted people who violate press freedom over the past three years

– Police clash with military retirees protesting low pensions

The weekly reported that Security forces in southern Yemen clashed with former army soldiers on Monday protesting low pensions and demanding to be allowed back into the armed forces. It added that witnesses said at least one protester was killed in the clashes that underline increasing tensions between southern and northern Yemen 13 years after a short-lived civil war ended. Police, however, denied that one of the protestors was shot dead.

Thousands of former soldiers waged protests in three southern Yemen provinces in the fifth day of street demonstrations, the police officials said. The protesters were largely members of the army of south Yemen who were ousted after being defeated by northern forces during the civil war.Police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters in Lawder, Thale'a and Radafan, located north of this southern port city that once the capital of socialist South Yemen. According to the newspaper, witnesses said on condition of anonymity that at least one protester was killed while another was wounded because they fear government reprisal.