AL-BALAGH: Sanaa weekly, 12-5-98. [Archives:1998/20/Press Review]

May 18 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- The Minster of the Interior announces referring the suspects in the Al-Khair mosque bomb explosion to the prosecutor.
2- The governor of Al-Jawf resigns due to the failure of the government to implement development programs in the governorate.
3- Gold prospecting is conducted in Sanaa by Indonesian, Canadian and US companies. About $123 million is invested.
Article Summary:
Cypriot Ship Attacked
The British Navy announced that a cargo ship carrying the Cypriot flag was attacked by armed pirates last week opposite the Gulf of Aden. A Polish signal man was injured.
The Cypriot ship sent an SOS message to the British Navy flagship ‘Diligence’ while it was en route to the Suez Canal. A rescue team was sent by the Diligence to treat the injured sailor, who was later taken to an Aden hospital for further treatment. On another level, the Diligence refuse to raise the Yemeni flag when it approached the Yemeni coast, as is stipulated by their international marine law.