AL-BALAGH: Sanaa weekly, 14-7-98. [Archives:1998/29/Press Review]

July 20 1998

[Islamic Action Movement (being formed)
Main Headline:
1- The government offers YR 600 million as compensation to the Mareb and Jawf tribes, but demands to keep some tribesmen as hostages until a reconciliation is achieved.
2- US Embassy warns US citizens from going to Mareb and Jawf, and steps up pressure on the government to give more compromises in the border dispute with Saudi Arabia.
3- A man fires an RPG missile in a personal dispute in Dhalie’.
4- The Eritrean President denies, in a TV in interview on the Qatari Jazira satellite channel, that Yemen provided any assistance to his country during its war of independence from Ethiopia.
5- US Ambassador visits Saada and meets fundamentalist leader, Sheikh Moqbil Al-Wadi’i.
Article Summary:
War of Communiqués Ceases
Following the comment made by an unidentified “official source” that extremist elements in Islah were behind the recent civil unrest, a “war” of communiqus ensued between Islah and the ruling People’s General Congress (PGC).
The war, however, stopped after the PGC’s denial of the authenticity of the “official source.” Islah also denied a statement it made to Al-Bayan newspaper of the UAE.