AL-BALAGH: Sanaa weekly, 23-12-97. [Islamic Action Movement (being formed)] [Archives:1997/52/Press Review]

December 29 1997

Main Headlines: 1- The President sent a message to GCC summit in Kuwait calling for more cooperation in consolidating peace and stability in the region 2- Saudi Arabia insists on annexing the region of Thamoud as a pre-condition for resolving border dispute 3- 35 new oil wells to be exploited in Yemen by 2000 Article Summary: What Does WB Want from Yemen – By Hussein Al-Sayyaghi Asked about the reasons behind Yemen’s participation in the Doha economic conference, the President said that it was out of courtesy to Qatar. The more likely reason is that it was in return for the World Bank (WB) financial assistance and the moratorium put on Yemen’s debts by the Paris Club. A WB delegation and a US senior official visited Yemen just before the conference. It is common knowledge that the WB does not assist a country unless it conforms to its general economic and political policies. For “helping” Yemen, the WB stipulated the laying off of thousands of army personnel and 60,000 government employees as well as lifting subsidies off basic food commodities. It seems that the WB’s policy is to subjugate Yemen and Third World countries. It happened in Latin America. Yemen must review these so-called reform programs instigated by the WB before it is too late.