AL-BALAGH: Sanaa weekly, 31-3-98. [Archives:1998/14/Press Review]

April 6 1998

[Islamic Action Movement (being formed)]   Main Headline:
1- Minister of Civil Services praises the success of the training and qualification program for the heads of personnel department in various ministries.
2- Vatican foreign minister meets a number of senior Yemeni officials.
3- Yemen signs 5 agreements with oil companies from Britain, Brazil, Hungary, and Canada.
Article Summary:
Most Dangerous Criminal Arrested
By: Hussein Al-Sayaghi
Truth is stranger than fiction. This story began on 6 December in Mareb when a person tricked Sheriff Saleh Al-Ameer and Mohsin Aqood of his entourage. The two were lured into a cave, killed and robbed. A team of six Mareb Sheriffs from the family of the murdered two decided to track the killer, who escaped without a trace.
The assassin’s trail led the group to Damascus, Syria, where they found out that he fled with his Russian girlfriend to Turkey then to Russia. The trail then went cold. Four months later, information indicated that the killer was hiding in Bukharah, Uzbekistan, where he was finally caught on 26 March and brought back to Yemen. He is in custody, awaiting trail in Mareb.