AL-BALAGH: Sanaa weekly, 9-2-98. [Archives:1998/07/Press Review]

February 16 1998

[Islamic Action Movement (being formed)]
Main Headlines: 1- Korea postpones importing liquefied natural gas from Yemen because of deteriorating economic conditions in south east Asia. 2- Investment Authority has licensed new projects worth $ 900 million in the cement industry, tourism, health, and service sector. 3- YR 4 billion is allocated for telephone lines extension project in Aden. Article Summary: Water Catastrophe in Sanaa Studies conducted on the Sanaa aquifer indicate that the city will face a real water catastrophe in 3 or 4 years time, if alternatives are not found soon. Dutch experts have indicated that deep water wells must be drilled in Al-Sabeen area around the Presidential Residence, which rich in underground water. Despite the fact that these wells will have to be more than 600m deep, they will provide Sanaa with water up to the year 2005. Other water sources mentioned by the study include Wadi Sardood, Wadi Al-Kharid, and Al-Jawf. The other alternative is sea water desalination. The average daily water consumption per person in Sanaa is 60 to 70 liters, the lowest in the world.