Al-Burahi Hospital to be inaugurated in Aden [Archives:2003/635/Community]

May 12 2003

22nd of May is decided to be the day for inaugurating Al-Burahi hospital in Aden so as to make the celebration a double one. Dr. Najib Ghanip Al-Burahi general manager of the hospital indicated that the hospital is already working now in full terms and all sections, which include general surgery, optics, cardiac, chest and lung, orthopedics, dental, urinary system and others, are operating also.
The hospital staff includes Yemeni specialists as well as foreigners. The hospital can accommodate 60 beds, and is equipped with the latest medical technologies and tools. Dr. Al-Burahi said in celebration the hospital provides free examination, and the fees at this hospital are much lesser then other hospitals because it aims at presenting a noble mission and not just for commercial benefit.