Al-Eman University celebrates its 9th anniversary [Archives:2002/12/Local News]

March 18 2002

Al-Eman University celebrated its 9th anniversary last Wednesday with an estimated 7,000 people attending the celebration.
Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussein al-Ahmar delivered a speech placing great stress on the leading role performed by the University in disseminating awareness, guidance and religious learning.
Since the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US, the University has encountered many difficulties and pressures, he said.
In the same context, in his speech, the University Rector, Sheikh Abdulmajeed al-Zandani underlined that any attempt to obliterate the religious learning was an attempt to desert people from their religion. Al-Zandani added further that tracking down Islamists was a war launched against Islam.
Al-Eman University in one of the most outstanding universities in the Middle East and about 6,000 students study there, among these are 1,300 female students. About 800 students are foreigners.