Al-Haifi: Don’t get me wrong! [Archives:2005/808/Letters to the Editor]

January 17 2005

Chirs Molling
[email protected]

I want to ask Hassan Al-Haifi to please not take my remarks the wrong way.

The conclusion of the opinion piece that wealthy Moslem nations are being niggardly with their help to the tsunamis victims is silly. First off, what you give out of your pocket in terms of aid is your business not mine. Just as God judges us by our actions and motives, there are those nations that give generously just to improve their image. Charity given to improve your image is not charity, but a manipulation. God judges our heart and our motives. One person could secretly give a penny with the victims in mind, while another person could give one million dollars with fanfare. Charity is measured by personal motive known to the person and to his God. The social do-gooders, who try to manipulate the conscience of others, unfortunately, tend to be the foremost hypocrites, not because they are bad, but because they don't understand personal responsibility. Your business is what you can do. No one can judge another accurately.