Al-Haifi’s ‘conspiracy theory’ needs revision [Archives:2003/695/Letters to the Editor]

December 18 2003

A.Saleh Barakat
[email protected]

I was surprised by the twist at the end of Mr. hissing Al-Haifi's article about the Istanbul bombing where he introduced a “conspiracy theory” claiming that Zionists might have done it. It was really sad, I don't know how else to describe it. I ask brother Hassan to really reflect on the things he has been writing because it seems that his anger at Israel have blinded his judgments lately and he doesn't make any “sense” anymore.
His main argument is that no Muslim in his right mind would condone such a thing! This is really strange; so just because Islam doesn't allow it means that it is not done by Muslims and therefore it is the Zionist who did it! Now what about the Sept.11 and the bombings in Saudi Arabia and in Bali and before that a decade of terrorism in Algeria and Egypt, was it also done by the Zionists?! Is every Muslim in the world following your interpretation of Islam?
I am a Yemeni and I am not in the business of defending Zionism. I am trying to defend our future as Arabs and Muslims because in the last few decades this way of thinking,” the conspiracy theories”, have hurt us so much; it take us away from realty and seeing the world as it is and make us see it the way we want it to be! It limits greatly our ability to solve our problems if we aren't even willing to admit them! And I hope that the irrational way of thinking of Saddam and Bin Laden and their disastrous results will force us to use our minds instead of our emotions as we have done often.