Al-Haifi’s “Try Valium” is to the point [Archives:2003/630/Letters to the Editor]

April 7 2003

D. Sanchez
I completely agree and support the article “Try Valium.” However, after watching the American news, after reading American articles and after reading viewpoints of Americans, I have come to the conclusion that they are all blind, at least 99% of them. Americans just do not seem to view this war as a war that is killing the Iraqi people. They think that they are the liberators. They are also blind to think that the Iraqi people will welcome them open-heartedly after having half of their family members killed by these so-called liberators. They do not seem to understand that when they drop bombs on some people, it is only natural for those people to view Americans as the aggressors and to harbor hatred towards the aggressor. This is a natural human reaction. It's the US who declared war on Iraq and not the other way around. Let's face it, all this nonsense about Al-Qaida is just an excuse to give reason to Bush for declaring the war on Iraq. Who does the US think it is to even dare invade another country? The US should mind its own business and stick to its own domestic affairs. The American people are being taken for absolute idiots, and they're buying it. Bush is following the foot steps of Hitler, and if he will not be stopped, who know how far this war will go.
Furthermore, The US is acting exactly like the Nazis did during WWII. Americans do not see this being American, but it is really outrageous to invade another country, drop bombs on civilians, and then attempt to call this as “Freeing the people.” That is absolute nonsense and the American government really takes people for absolute idiots, which is very sad. It is for the Iraqi people to liberate themselves of Saddam if they want to and if they are unhappy with him, and it is no business of the US to stick its long nose in another country's affair. Moreover, it was the American CIA who put Saddam in his current position in the first place. The US should also start calling things by their proper names; for example, they should admit the fact that it is the US who is the aggressor and Iraq is the victim in this situation. No one asked the Americans to declare war on Iraq. The Americans do not belong in Iraq, that is why they should go back home. How would the Americans feel if their country would get invaded by another country, and if the other country would say that they're doing it in a positive attempt to get rid of a criminal such as Bush? How would they feel about that? I am sure that they wouldn't be very happy to see their people being killed in their own country. So they should try to put themselves in the Iraqi people's position and face the fact that the US is the aggressor, otherwise why would all those people all around the world be protesting so violently against this terrible war?