Al-Haifi’s ‘Zionist’ hallucinations continue [Archives:2005/814/Letters to the Editor]

February 7 2005

Richard Rubright
[email protected]

Haifi, you once again manage to invent Zionist conspiracy theory to explain what is obvious. Beyond the ridiculous notion that the US wants to make Iraq a buffer state to protect Israel (Israel doesn't need a buffer zone), the notion that the US will attack Iran because of a Zionist concern is laughable.

It must be a Zionist conspiracy in your opinion…. However, maybe, just maybe, there is another reason. Maybe the Iranians attempt to acquire nuclear weapons (I don't blame the Iranians I would do the same). Maybe it is because of continued Iranian interference in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe it could be the fact that Iran wants Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Iranian parliament regularly chants “Death to America”.

Maybe it is because Iran supports terrorist organizations. It could even be because the neo-conservatives (who come from a neo-liberal political philosophy) believe that the US should export democracy, with force if need be, to areas of the world where it may be well received.

But no, these explanations can't be right! It must be some dark Zionist plot. That way you can continue to focus on Israel and continue to blame them for the woes of the Middle East.

It was the Nazi's propaganda efforts that first realized that if you repeat a lie often enough people start to believe it as the truth. So I guess it isn't important that there is no all-controlling Zionist plot, if you just keep blaming everything on them it will be believed.