AL-HAQ: Aden (Weekly) 19-10-97. [Archives:1997/43/Press Review]

October 27 1997

News Review: 1) Acting general director of a public media establishment in Aden has embezzled YR 35 million during last few months – predecessor was detained for embezzlement. 2) The number of students admitted into Medicine and Engineering colleges in Aden has increased from 180 to 360 in each college. 3) A 20-year-old depressed man committed suicide by throwing himself from fourth floor of apartment building in Taiz. 4) Yemenis deported from Saudi Arabia arriving in Hodeida port were divided into northerners & southerners – the latter abused by PSO officials. 5) Group from northern governorates broke into restaurant in Aden claiming ownership of land. 6) Children’s quarrel led to a doctor and his wife assaulting the family of a pilot away on business – pilot’s family had to be taken to hospital. 7) State-owned, 30-room Sun Motel on Gold Mohur beach in Aden is rented to a businessman for only YR 30,000 a month. 8) Molotov cocktail thrown on house of dean of College of Agriculture in Aden.