AL-HAQ: Aden weekly, 25-1-98. [Archives:1998/05/Press Review]

February 2 1998

(League of the Sons of Yemen)
Main Headlines: 1- Several bomb explosions rocked Ja’ar and few other main towns in Abyan. 2- Some influential figures try to usurp state-owned arable lands in Taiz. 3- Teachers in Aden threaten to strike during 2nd academic term in protest over low wages. 4- Fishing boats intended as assistance for fishermen in Shaqra were taken over by a few officials. Article Summary: Stone-Throwing Women A group of policemen in Crater, Aden has for the second time tried to break into the house of a person who suing his brother. The 12 policemen, however, were repelled under a hail of stones thrown by a group of women living in the house. The two failed attempts by the police were done in order to evict the house’s inhabitants. The odd thing is that in both cases, the police did not have a valid order from the prosecutor’s office. They claimed that they have orders from senior security officials.