AL-HAQ: Aden (Weekly) 26-10-97. (Independent) [Archives:1997/44/Press Review]

November 3 1997

Main Headlines: 1) Fierce Armed Clashes between Security Forces and Islaimist Group in Jaar 2) Taiz Electricity Authority Cuts Off Power from Households Failing to Pay Bills 3) Truck Drivers in Shabwa Protest Against Illegal Taxes Levied at Checkpoints 4) Management of Al-Salam Scolastic Institute in Taiz Imposes Big Fees on Students Article Summary: We Want Drastic Reform – editorial The ruling party, through its official and partisan media, occasionally criticizes some government official for mistakes. This is done to improve its image as a defender of the people’s rights. What is promulgated by the official media, however, is very shallow and ineffectual. The aim is to contain or obsorb popular dissatisfaction. The real social and econmic problems and ailments remain unresolved. The real corrupt go unpunished, either because of the authorities’ weakness or other ulterior motives.